Flyin Ryan

In a stroke of good luck, we have been lucky enough to receive a “Flyin Ryan” Adventure scholarship. This will in part fund our thru-hike- the funds will cover several of our expensive pre-trip gear purchases. We learned about Flyin Ryan when mountaineering legend Conrad Anker came to Burlington to give a talk. Peter Hawks, founder of the organization and Ryan’s father, said a few words, mentioning the scholarship.

Flyin Ryan is an organization dedicated to extending the influence of the life of Ryan Hawks, the free-skier. Ryan Hawks passed away in the spring of 2011, after a fall in the Freeskiing World Tour. Flyin Ryan promotes Ryan’s Core Principles:

 Live every day, all day : Never stop exploring life : Never lose my adventuresome attitude : Be the best friend I can be

Be the best brother, son, uncle I can : Look out for others : Look out for myself : Look out for our surroundings

Play like I’m thirteen : Be self-sufficient : Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Work hard : Live easy : Live simply

Flyin Ryan, among other practices, gives out adventure scholarships to help live out the values above. Find previous recipients here.   Above all else, Peter is looking for passion, character which reflect’s Ryan’s principles, and financial need. Becky and I are proud to say we are Flyin Ryan recipients and are excited to build a relationship with the organization and other scholarship recipients!

Luke Neumann, Peter Hawks, Becky Cohen

We received the scholarship at the BANFF film festival at UVM, this past Friday. For me this was a great event, on multiple levels. Going to BANFF (and Telluride) film festivals over the last three or four years has been a mixed experience. While I’ve been simultaneously inspired, I was always saddled with the thought that I wasn’t out there, making my dreams come true, like many inspiring people in the films. This year felt dramatically different, and not just because I needed to stand up in front of 700 friends, former classmates, co-workers, and strangers- but because I felt like I had an outlet for the energy that inspiration like that comes with.

So we left this past weekend with a few more milestones under our belts (hiking shorts?):

1- We are one scholarship closer to making it to day 1 !

2- We have both given our 3-month notice at work. Against the advice of some, we told our boss (singular) (yes, we work for the same organization…) we were leaving. We are lucky to work with such great people that we found our plans to be well received.

PCT Tracker:

Day: 0

Miles: 0


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