Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail!


Luke and I met through mutual friends close to a year ago, and our first adventure together was a hike up Mount Abe in the middle of February. I hadn’t done many winter hikes before, but Luke had the knowledge and experience to lead a fantastic hike, he also knew to bring hot tea and chocolate for the top. Ever since that first hike, we have pursued adventures together and made that the spirit of our partnership. We are always looking to find the next adventure, and after many weekend hikes, camping trips, cross country skis, bike rides, and runs, we decided that together we wanted to pursue a real Adventure with a capital A: thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Becky on Top of Mount Abe

Becky on Top of Mount Abe

And…now it is official! Luke and I are going to be heading off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail at the end of April! We are leaving the comfort of our lives in Burlington and heading out West for an experience unlike anything I’ve ever done. Luke hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2011 so he has some experience with what we are getting into. I’m not sure which one of us is crazier for committing to this trip: Me, thinking I have a good idea but not really knowing what I’m in for, or Luke knowing what he’s in for and going through it again.

Luke on Top of Mount Abe

Luke on Top of Mount Abe

The Pacific Crest Trail runs from Mexico to Canada and goes through California, Oregon and Washington and covers 2,600 miles of varying climates and terrain. Head over to the PCTA to check out some maps and more background info on the trail.

We have 12 weeks until we leave and plenty of loose ends to tie up and gear to purchase, not to mention enjoying every minute that we have left in Burlington! Keep up to date as we go in search of sponsors, gear, and fun before we hit the trail and then follow us as we set out to walk 2,600+ miles.


2 thoughts on “Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail!

  1. Becky:–I suspect this will be a mixture of endurance feat; slogging; meeting amazing people; figuring out your and Luke’s boundaries; beauty; boredom; tranquility; and magic. And other stuff I can’t imagine. I’m excited for both of you.

  2. What a great adventure to plan and look forward too! You are both really brave to be doing this and I will be following you on your blog!

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