Countdown time…

The past two weeks have been full of excitement, our tarp tent arrived, we bought our plane tickets and we started an official count down to our hike! As of today, we have exactly seven weeks and one day until we start our hike and less than six weeks of work left. With March officially underway, our trip is fast approaching and I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. I am so excited to start the trip but we have a huge amount of things to do before we go. Luke came up with the idea to make a to do list…made out of giant post its…on the bedroom wall.

To Do List

To Do List

It really helped us to lay out everything that we still have to do including:

  • Prepare and test meals, shop for our mail drops, dehydrate a ton of food/learn to use a dehydrator, package our mail drops…oh and figure out how many mail drops we need and where exactly we are sending them.
  • Purchase our final pieces of gear including rain gear, wind pants, a camera, a new headlamp for me, bear canisters, and more.
  • I need to figure out what in the world I am doing for health insurance- any suggestions people?
  • Finalize our permits!
  • And a few more miscellaneous items as you can see by the giant post it do list on the wall!

I was surprised at how helpful this list was, I thought it would make the room feel cluttered and the list seem unmanageable, but after making this list Sunday evening we have already been able to take two post it’s down..although I think we added three! One exciting thing we took off the list was to do a test set up of our Tarp Tent! We chose the Squall 2, which weighs in at just over two pounds. We gave it a test run in the park by my house and we were thrilled with how long and spacious it is.


One other exciting thing that happened this week is my brother Maxx decided to contribute to our hike by having Maxx Cohen Pottery contribute as a sponsor. Although we can’t use any of his mugs or other homemade dishes on our hike (way to heavy and impractical) he still found a way to help out and has purchased our ice axes for us! They arrived at his house this week and he will be sending them to us once we arrive at Kennedy Meadows- the entrance to the Sierra- thank you Maxx!

Ultra Lite Black Diamond Raven Pro Ice Axes

Ultra Lite Black Diamond Raven Pro Ice Axes

On top of planning for our trip we have been busy. We attended the Forward on Climate Rally with 350VT a few weeks ago and had an amazing time in DC. Luke is training for two races before we leave- one is a half marathon the weekend before our trip starts and the other is a 10k two weeks from now. I have been teaching a few yoga classes and keeping up my regular job which gets incredibly busy during the spring. We have also been continuing to pursue sponsorship opportunities and get out on regular training hikes or other winter activities.Although it is so exciting to be heading out for our hike, we are also both saddened to be leaving Burlington. It is a place I have called home for the past six years and I have so many favorite things that I want to do just “one more time” before taking off for the West coast.


Luke at the Forward on Climate Rally

Headstands for a sponsorship video application!

Headstands for a sponsorship video application!


8 thoughts on “Countdown time…

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      • We’re going to be dehydrating our food for the first time- I’m vegan so I think I’ll have a harder time with re-supplys and eating as many calories as I need. So hopefully we’ll be successful with our first attempts at dehydrating our food.

  2. Congrats on your trip. Your excitement oozes. I would so love to be in your shoes right now. You’ll have an epic trip. – GoalTech (Portland PCT Section Hiker Mike – Cascade Locks to McKenzie Pass so far)

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