Leaving Burlington?

IMG_3246Eagerly awaiting the start of our hike, Becky and I have passed the one-month-to-go mark. Our gear is mostly dialed in, and dehydrated food is steadily accumulating in boxes. It’s impossibly exciting to see the progress we are making, and to check those days off the calendar.  That said, as we get closer to our departure, the idea of leaving Burlington grows more and more bittersweet. Its a place both of us have grown to love over the last half-decade or so, and neither of us are sure when we will return. The combination of people, landscape, opportunities, and culture is like nowhere else, and we are both privileged to have had the chance to live in such a great place! Trying to jam everything in, we’ve made a short list of “Burlington” things left to do, experiences to be had. I(somewhat secretly) hope some remain un-done, so I have good reason to come back…


On a lighter note, we had a lucky (read: cheap!) break the other day, as ArtsRiot, who are liquidating the now- closed Fresh Market Cafe’s old supplies, practically gave away a healthy selection of foods just suited to our hike. We got industrial amounts of  beans, canned tomatoes, pasta, and raisins from them. We appreciate it Arts Riot! Stay tuned on exciting developments on their new cafe and music space, opening early this summer.

We’ve both been trying to stay healthy, while taking care of our bodies so that we will be able to start the hike pain and worry free. Over the weekend I ran in the Spring Fling 10K, over a hilly and windy course in Shelburne, and set a Personal Record of 40:12! Well, it was only the second time I’ve run that distance, but nonetheless it counts for a PR! The race was in anticipation of the Burlington Unplugged Half Marathon on April 13th. Becky is graduating her 200 hour Yoga teacher training program at Yoga Vermont this weekend, and you’ll hear more about that soon! Stay Tuned!



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