New Sponsors and a few goodbyes to Burlington

The last week has been a great week in the long experience that is trip prep. Tuesday of last week, we learned we were going to be sponsored by not one or two, but FOUR additional sponsors!! Each of these wonderful companies has been extremely generous in helping us walk to Canada. Keen, the shoe company, will be sponsoring us with a dozen pairs of socks per person- we are testing out a new “Thru- Hiking” sock for them. Look for it in stores soon. Bearded Brothers, an organic, raw and vegan energy bar company, will be generously sponsoring us with monthly supplies of their *delicious* bars. Diva Cup sent Becky, well, a Diva Cup. And Kamut Khorasan wheat will be sponsoring us with a variety of their heirloom wheat products. Definitely check out these companies on our sponsors page, we are happy to represent their products!

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We’re finally at the stage with our food prep where the food is (mostly) portioned out, labeled, in bags, in boxes, and properly assigned to the right place. In fact, its gone so well that we actually have extra pre- made dinners to ship to ourselves if we need them, or else they could become fodder for hiker boxes- other PCT hikers take note! (To those who don’t know a hiker box is basically a box of FREE leftover/ extra food Thru- Hikers leave behind)

Good-bye Burlington Going Away Party!

Good-bye Burlington Going Away Party!

Our gear is all but dialed in, and though we haven’t had the chance to get out on any real overnights (I know the apple blossoms are blooming elsewhere, but here in Vermont its still ski season), we’re pretty confident with our setup. All that’s left is saying goodbye to friends… Not the easiest thing to do. We’re unsure of when we will return to this wonderful city, and its hard leaving town knowing that. Stay Classy, Burlington.

In other news, I ran a half marathon on Saturday, coming in with my second Personal Best of the season, although, again this was also my personal worst- my first time at this distance- but whose counting anyways?

An additional shout out here to all the Boston Marathon runners and fans today. I hope the best for all those involved, and am totally distraught by today’s events. It had been a short-lived dream of mine last fall to qualify for Boston, enabling me to run this year, but registration closed before I ran an almost- qualifying time in Philadelphia in November. My sympathies go out to the victims of today’s disaster.

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5 thoughts on “New Sponsors and a few goodbyes to Burlington

  1. Becky and Luke: 178 hours mas o menos until I drop you off at Logan–by the end of that day, you’ll be camping in the S. Cali desert. A reminder of how life changes on a dime; and how we can all do better at living right here in the moment.

    Looking forward to one of those Touchnote notes! Maybe I’ll end one to you, of us hauling a box of dinners to the Lexington PO, dried in sheets like cardboard…yum yum!!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Love love love. Cannot WAIT to follow this blog for the next, how long? Do you have a smart phone you’ll be able to post with? If so, also check out Touchnote app for sending real printed post cards using your phone pics. Its really cool and I’m sure your rents would appreciate it 🙂


  3. Hey Guys,

    Time is relentless and now it is time…have a great trip.

    Onward and upward,

    Peter and the Flyin Ryan Family

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