We started off Wednesday afternoon for a fun first 10 miles on the trail! We hiked with Scott, who also got a ride from the trail angel Dennis to Campo, for the first few miles off the border and then leap frogged with him and a few others for the afternoon. We made camp as it started to mist and lightly rain! We realized we forgot a lighter and a wind screen, but we had some soggy matches that worked alright.


The next morning we started off early and hiked the next 10 miles to Lake Morena where kick off is held. We did a nice spur trail up to the veiw point on top of Hauser Mountain- Hermes’ first side trail ever on a thru hike!

It was a gorgeous day with a nice breeze and some clouds- perfect for hot desert hiking!


We have also been LOVING the Bearded Brothers bars.


We’re hanging out at kick off until early tomorrow when we’ll head back out on the trail. We are having a great time so far- meeting other hikers, getting my feet cleaned, and we’re camped right next to someone Hermes hiked with on the AT!



Day Three!


I got my feet cleaned and cared for by Dr Sole- a trail angel who gives you a foot bath and cleans up dirty hiker feet. SO NICE!


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