Into the Sierra!

Yesterday we made it to Kennedy Meadows- 700+ miles into the trail and the entry point into the Sierra! Our last 140 miles from Tehachapi to here were eventful. We stayed an extra day in Tehachapi due to the 75mph winds that shut down the wind farms in the area, even so the day we hiked out we found ourselves in some crazy winds! Tehachapi to Walker Pass was hot but beautiful and we had some great climbs. We heard rumor of trail magic at Walker Pass, which is located in the middle of an extremely dry section of trail, so we decided to push a big day to arrive at the potential trail magic. We did 26 miles into Walker Pass and we were greeted by WATERMELON, vegan dinner, cold sodas and beers, tons of fresh fruit and some of the nicest trail angels we have met yet. This was the most amazing trail magic we have received yet and I was so so grateful. 

At Walker Pass we took a quick side trip into Lake Isabella and resupplied for the next two days to get to Kennedy Meadows- a major milestone in the trail. The hike from Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows was gorgeous- big rocky mountains, more trees, a river (!), and we were surrounded by our friends Frosty, Ashleigh, the Dillweeds, and Funsize. I also got to see my first bear and a baby rattlesnake. 

We will leave Kennedy Meadows tonight and head off into the Sierra. With a little over 100 miles to go until Bishop, our packs are heavy. We picked up our bear canisters and have around 7 days of food to carry. Luckily about 50 miles from here we will have an abundance of water and can start carrying less of it. With no wi-fi in Kennedy Meadows we aren’t able to post any photos, we should be able to do a blog post from Bishop and get some pictures up.

Overall, spirits are high and Hermes and I are having an amazing time!! 


7 thoughts on “Into the Sierra!

  1. Have you guys crossed paths with Carrot Quinn yet? She hasnt posted in over a week but I think shes just ahead or behind you! Thx for updates!

    • We haven’t! I’ll keep an eye out. There isn’t cell service for almost 200 miles..Independence and Bishop was our first time getting online in a bit.

      • Thx so much. She checked in today. Just like you said: Sierra no call zone! Have great day. Love your energy & kindness in responding .

  2. HI GUYS…. What you two are doing ! I’ve always dreamed of doing it. Maybe someday.
    I did climb Shasta one year. The pedestrian free route, up a series of glaciers. It left me in awe.
    I’m here if you need anything for emergency. I’m “Hermes” fathers cousin. My name is Jon Miller. Tel. 503-580-4674 We live in Salem, Or. Bishop is a cool spot as I remember.
    You are on a life changing journey. Remember when the chips are down … that there is wisdom in “no escape” Happy hoofing. Jon Miller.

  3. Can’t wait to see your pictures. Hope you don’t end up needing those bear canisters, but that’s why you carry them … You are entering a truly magical place – enjoy every footstep!

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