Mount Bromley on the Long Trail

Mount Bromley on the Long Trail

Luke, trail name Hermes, has run two marathons this year, graduated from college,  joined the workforce for a few solid months and is now setting out to complete his second thru-hike. He successfully hiked the AT in 2011 and is ready to get back to the trail life of eating as much as he possibly can and walking all day every day.

Becky decided she wanted to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail shortly after hearing of it and is so excited to have completed this goal! She ran her first half marathon this year, completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and can’t wait to try and eat more pancakes than Luke.

Beginning on April 24th, we will start our hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, traveling 2,600 miles through varying terrain, crisp mountain air, huge views and hopefully some bear sightings along the way.


We are still actively looking for ways to fund our hike and are soliciting sponsorships, pro-deals, gear and food sponsorships and financial donations. Help us complete our journey by contributing to our hike now! Have non-financial ways you’d like to contribute? Please contact us at BeckyandLukeHikethePCT@gmail.com

The Flyin’ Ryan Hawks Foundation has generously awarded us a scholarship to help us fund our Pacific Crest Trail Adventure. Read more about our award hereFlyin' Ryan Logo


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  1. I don’t know why it took so long to find your blog – great pics! I finished the PCT on Sept 17. The payback for my wife was a trip to Italy this year which was wonderful. Starting the CDT in April 2015!
    Purple Haze

  2. Becky, I would love to hear more about your experiences around food on the trail. I am a long time vegan, and am considering a thru hike on the PCT, but I’m concerned about the availability of vegan food along the way. Big towns of course pose no problem, but smaller towns and Trail Angels might not have vegan food to offer. It would be a drag to watch everyone else eat while you have nothing, especially since everything I’ve read mentions how hungry you get as the miles add up. You didn’t talk about food much on your blog. Was it an issue for you?
    I loved reading about your hike – you have a fantastic attitude! And the photos were beautiful!

  3. Hi Guys
    Great to hear you’ve almost made it. Of all the people I hiked with early on in the trail, you were the guys I kept thinking about most and hopeing you were getting on okay. As for me despite a very close 10 minute encounter with a mountain lion just outside Cascade Locks and badly twisting by ankle in a fall 10 miles north of Snowqualmie I made it (limped) to the border with Spoons and Zen, at 4.30pm on the 6th Sept.
    Oh,I split with Happy Feet at Lake Tahoe, and met him again just before he had to bail out at Bend after discovering that he’d hiked 100 miles on a broken foot.


    • Walkie talkie!!!! So happy to hear from you! We saw your note about the mountain lion and wondered what happened! We finished yesterday after waking up with 4 inches of snow surrounding us. A blog post and photos should be up soon. Where have you posted all your videos? We’d love to see them!
      Xo Lotus

  4. Whoa! Just found your blog. I’m the dude who rode from san diego to the border with you two. I made it to Reds Meadow before bailing. Cool too see you have made it to Oregon. Hope your hammy gets better.

    • Scott! We were wondering if we’d see you! Bummer you had to get off. We are still hiking and having a great time- hope all is great with you!

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