Food, Care Packages and Itinerary!


We are so grateful for all of the support of our friends and family as we’ve prepared for our hike! We have heard from many of you that you’d like to send care packages, love notes, ice cream (we wish!!) and other treats along the way. Below is our info for where we think we will be when. We will update this once we are out on the trail and have a better idea of when we will be where. IMPORTANT- If you do decide to send us a care package, please let us know via email ( or via text message. This way we will make sure we stop to pick it up!

If you plan to send a package here are a couple of things to know:

  • We love Nutella and any other tasty nut butter that is different from peanut butter.
  • Chocolate pretzels and candied ginger from City Market  are also a favorite.
  • Dried fruit (mango!) is amazing.
  • Any homemade baked goods (especially vegan ones!!) will be eaten up quickly and soo welcomed!
  • Please don’t send us anything that can’t be consumed or worn. Anything we have to carry in our packs that doesn’t have a very useful purpose will sadly be left behind.
  • Letters and postcards would be great- as much as all of you are interested in what we’re doing, we still want to know what’s happening with all of our friends and family! Keep us updated!
  • When you send a package- please address it to Becky Cohen OR Luke Neummann, the “or” in the address is important so either one of us can pick it up.
  • Unless otherwise noted, it is best to send USPS and plan for your package to arrive about a week before we will. Many of these places have small post offices and it can take a while to get something there.
  • One other thing to note- if you have friends or family in any of the towns that we pass through who might want to put us up, let us use a shower or who you  think we might have fun meeting- PLEASE email or message us to help us connect with them. Becky can be emailed at and Luke can be emailed at

8 thoughts on “Food, Care Packages and Itinerary!

  1. FYI… There’s an organic groc here in Mammoth by the laundry and looney bean and Stellar Brew on the other side of main street who sells vegan also on Wed there is a small farmers Market.

  2. Hiya, I have friends in Mammoth Lakes (intermittent) and Lake Tahoe (year-round). Lemme know if you’d like a place to crash, wash clothes, get taken out for a meal. Wishing you a grand time, Duane

    • hey Duanne who are ur friends in Mammoth. I live there too! Becky give me a call, in advance, as I work at tioga Pass in the summer and no cell there. I can maybe help u out. I already have some people staying that weekend from NZ and it’s only a studio. but maybe we can work something out. 310-237-2482

      Sugar Moma

  3. I think I’ve just made it a goal to learn how to make vegan biscotti so you can get cookies that are supposed to be hard and crunchy anyways….

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