Help us Hike and Sponsors!


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our hike. We finished the trail on September 23rd, almost 5 months after we began our hike and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our sponsors, family and friends!


Help us hike the Pacific Crest Trail! We anticipate that the trail will cost us around $1.50/mile, and with over 2,600 miles to hike it turns out that living outside for 5 months isn’t as cheap as you might think. Help us achieve our dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail by contributing any amount! If you have gear, food or other contributions that you would like to make, please email us at All contributors will get a shout out below, with sponsors (anyone contributing over $100 in financial or gear donations) getting a link to their page and a photo/logo of their choice!

Thank you to our Sponsors!



Thank you to all of our Donors!

Maxx Cohen Pottery
Ben Cohen
Russ Elek
Sweet Basil Cards
Marieka Jackson
Roger Belson
Mike Ferguson
Will King
Susie Nelson
Deborah Dunklee
Ellen Moyer

9 thoughts on “Help us Hike and Sponsors!

  1. Hey…it’s Ian and Lora. We are in Portland for the next week housesitting. If you need anything we have a car and a place for you…call me at 307-690-0636 or FB me at Ian Cranston. Phone is better.

    • Bagpipes and wren?! Great to hear from you. We actually were in Portland a week or so ago but are up in Washington now. Are you two on trail??

  2. Becky is is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures… you guys are amazing! My very good friends live in Truckee, CA and would be happy to have you guys (I think you may be through Tahoe now though). I also have friends in both Portland, OR and in Seattle, WA if you think you’d want to stop in if needed. This is really great… I’m so proud of you!! xo Jess

    • Jess! That is such a nice offer and such kind words of encouragement! We are past Truckee- our next major town is Ashland, OR. I don’t think we plan to stop in Seattle while on the trail but its likely that we will go there after the trail and would love to be put in touch with your friends if they may be able to host us or show us around for a night. Happy trails!

  3. I love your blog!! Thanks for sharing all your pictures and positive energy 🙂

    I rented a cabin for my family and I at Shelter Cove Resort for Saturday August 10th. If you think you might be there around the time I am, and you want me to bring anything from Eugene (where I live), just let me know. Heidi 🙂

    • Heidi! That is such a nice offer! As of now, we think we will arrive at Shelter Cove around August 9th and will be picking up a package there. How long will you be around? We also hope to check Eugene as a potential place to live after the trail! My email is I’d love to meet up if we will be in Shelter Cove on time!

  4. Hi friends! Duano asked me to reach out and offer you some Sierra hospitality when you make it to Tahoe. Happy to do so if we’re around when you pass through. We’re on North Shore (nowhere near the PCT relative to where it winds through Tahoe) but could potentially scoop you up for a nite in Tke and then bring you back there in the morning after a hot shower, organic food, a hot tub and comfy bed. Friend me on FB if you want some lovin’ 🙂 BTW we (my hubby and I) are planning to hike the PCT in 2021 when I turn (HOLY HELL) 50! 🙂

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